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What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing? Hand Wraps

The sign of a good boxer is one who is provided with the correct boxing equipment which will help them be at their best physically, and permit them to attain destiction and favourable result in the ring

Tape and Gauze, Traditional Hand Wrap, Elasticated ‘Mexican’ Style

  • The indispensable boxing equipment every boxer requires, includes:
  • Hand Wraps are important to use under your boxing gloves as they provide additional support and protect the tiny bones in your hands which can simply break from the result of a punch. They also absorbs sweat, stopping a scalation of bacteria and smell in your boxing gloves.

Some of the distinct types of hand wraps available include:

  • Tape and Gauze: The lightest and most pleasent choice which offers lots of protection. They are accessible in a variety of distintc dimensions, but they cannot be reused.
  • Traditional Hand Wrap: Inexpensive, easy to wrap, and can be reused. They come in set sizes.
  • Elasticated ‘Mexican’ Style: Stretchable, so they easily adjust to your hand form and are the ideal fit making them pleasent and suitable for breathing. They are stockier than the masority of hand wraps and may not fit under each boxing glove.

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