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Diverse Kinds of Martial Arts

Before we take a look at some of the diverse structures of Martial Arts, let’s consider the diverse kinds you’ll come across.

Striking, Grappling, Armed


Striking based Martial Arts involve using different parts of your body to attack your rival, naturally via punches and kicks.

The kinds of strikes allowed will differ based on the Martial Art.


Grappling based Martial Arts typically involve holding onto your rival and either seeking to overthrow them to the floor, anchor them on the floor, or advance them via articulation clasp or gag.


As the name recommend, Armed Martial Arts involves the alliance of some form of weapons. Due to that we no longer casually walk around with a weapon tucked into our pants, these are becoming less popular due to their lack of use in a real life setting.

Still though, Martial Arts involving weapons are great fun and can also allow an excellent exercise in a distinctive and delightul way.

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